Artvark Saxophone Quartet: 6 April

Artvark Saxophone Quartet
Away with chairs! Away with music stands! Artvark moves! Artvark meanders through musical traditions and moves across the stage in an improvised choreography. Artvark stands for innovative original compositions, strong individual soloists and the adventurous groove of four saxophones. Artvark thrills, stinks, growls and sizzles.

In 2004, after long preparation, Artvark, played for the first time at the Jazz Festival Amersfoort in Holland, the one and only time with sheet music. For an hour the quartet captivated the audience with their own music, and they knew they were on the right track. But we wanted more: real communication with the audience. So the music stands disappeared, and the rest is history.

The Daily News Egypt: ‘…They say music knows no boundaries and, we add, jazz knows even fewer. Dutch act Artvark does not simply play, but performs their music. Literally from the first step, this saxophone-only band was different from all others. The band snapped and tapped on stage, turning their movements and sound into a dance. If it can be said for jazz players: they rocked the house… ‘

Stirling Auditorium
6 April 2016

Tickets at door
R80 pensioners
R20 students (on presentation of student card)

For more info: 043 735 1444